What is ephelants360?

machine learning + hybrid distributed ledger + content production + investing >>>

ephelants360 is an all-in-one solution to improve on each existing film & tv production system, making the entire content production process more streamlined, efficient & cost effective. This enables projects to be realized faster and be more profitable, maximizing the value chain for all participants in the eco-system.

The tokenized eco-system will allow for innovative new monetization and reward models to incentivize the community on the e360 platform, accept contributions to develop films & tv shows, seed production projects, involve well known writers, directors and actors.


Competitive Advantages

The solution is an online incubation platform for content creation, “investment”, production and distribution supported by distributed ledger technology & machine learning.

Algorithmic Selection

Remove the Gatekeepers + Reduce Human Error with AI = Quality Content

Data Transparency

Transparency + Risk Balancing + No Limits + Smart Contracts = Confident “Investing”

Efficiency & Productivity

No Endless Meetings + Production dApp = More Content Faster + More Jobs


The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Smart Eco-System

e360 Platform

The ephelants360 solution is an online incubation platform for content creation, “investment”, production and distribution supported by distributed ledger technology and artificial intelligence.

ephelants360 platform [Application Layer]:

  • end-to-end content production from creation to distribution
  • integrate machine learning at the foundation of dApps and features
  • industry focused online networking and jobs portal
  • natural language processing algorithm
  • film & TV project cast & budget recommender algorithm
  • “investments” in creation and distribution of content
  •  film & TV project “investment” recommender algorithm
  • track, manage & diversify “investments”
  • eco-system reserve to support community & produce content
  • dApps to streamline and manage the production budget & process
  • transparent distribution of proceeds managed by smart tokens

ephelants360 Team

Our team combines a passion for the creative industries like writing, design, film & TV with expertise & proven track-record in finance, data science, crypto & blockchain, marketing & PR.

Francisco Martin
CEO | Strategy & Investor Relations
Bettina Gilois
Award Winning Screenwriter & Author
Fernando Menezes
CIO & Blockchain + ICO Strategy
Artem Zaitsev
Distributed Ledger Team Lead
Monica Landers
Artificial Intelligence & NLP Advisor
Daniel Peter
Blockchain & UI/UX Developer
Claudia Brizendine
Director Strategic Partnerships
Aleksander Djordjevic
Blockchain Development Director
Anita A Moore
Director Strategic Partnerships
Abdul Rauf
Distributed Ledger Technology Advisor
Francis Park
Community Manager South Korea
Kimberly Tse
Community Manager Chinese
Long L Yang
Community Manager Chinese
Mark Park
Community Manager South Korea
Valerie Gogoleva
Q+A Manager & Community Support
Xavier Garcia
Community Manager Latin America
Alina Asadchaya
Community Manager Russia
Mauro Andriotto
Investment & TGE Advisor
Alecos Colombo
Investment & TGE Advisor
Ryan Kim
Community Manager South Korea

Frequently Asked Questions

How will ephelants360 increase the value of XEP tokens?

The demand for the token will increase as the eco-system and community grows. The tokens will be used for monthly subscriptions, contributing to film & TV projects that are produced on the platform, rewards & competitions, payments for jobs and tasks, up-voting content. As content is released and starts making profits, expect more contributors ("investors") to use the platform which in turn re-increases demand for the XEP token.

How can XEP tokens be used?

The XEP platform utility token can be used to pay for subscriptions and allows you to submit screenplays for AI analysis. You can also pay others on the platform for tasks in XEP tokens and be paid or up-vote talented content creators with XEP tokens, other incentives are prize competitions paid in XEP tokens. Token holders can use their XEP to contribute ("invest") in selected Film & TV production projects. Each film or TV project has a different project token (child tokens) linked to the XEP token (parent).

Can I mine XEP tokens?

No, XEP tokens cannot be mined.

Will XEP be an ERC20 token?

XEP will be ERC20 compliant, we are developing cross-chain.

When will the XEP token sale start?

Our token generation event (TGE) will start at midnight (00:00:00) Eastern Standard Time on June 28th, there is a count down timer on our token sale website.

Why do you need a token sale?

ephelants360 is an important and large undertaking, in order to truly disrupt the film & TV production industry we will need to be able to sustain the project for at least 3 years.

With which (crypto) currencies can I buy XEP tokens?

Any fiat currency by using the Changelly option in the token sale dashboard this requires a Visa or MasterCard. Bitcoin and Stratis can be sent directly to the token sale wallet addresses displayed in the token sale dashboard. 50+ other Altcoins are also accepted through Changelly.

Do you have any special deals for investors?

Our premium sale has a 50% discount.The minimum contribution of $500 is very low so that everyone may benefit, however if an investor would like to make a larger contribution then they may contact us at tge@ephelants360.io

What is the minimum purchase for the XEP token sale?

The minimum investment is $500 during the premium sale, $250 during the pre-sale and $100 during the main sale.

What are you going to do with money raised?

We have outlined in detail on our website and in the white paper what the funds will be used for in order to obtain our objectives.

Can I send funds from an exchange address?

We advise against this, but in theory; yes. It is preferable to use a HD wallet for which you hold the private keys.

I bought XEP tokens, where can I see my balance?

In your member account token sale dashboard you will see displayed how many XEP tokens you have purchased.

How do I see my XEP tokens in my wallet?

After the token sale you are able to withdraw tokens to your wallet address directly from the token sale dashboard in your member account.

I do not see XEP Token balance in my wallet. What should I do?

Please contact us with the email address with which you signed up in the member area at tge@tephelants360.io

Is there any nationality restricted from participating in the XEP token sale?

Unfortunately Iraqi/Iranian/Syrian/North Korean citizens cannot participate. As for US citizens only accredited investors are allowed to participate as defined in 17 C.F.R. § 230.501.

What will happen to unsold XEP tokens?

Unsold tokens will be transferred to the eco-system reserve. The eco-system reserve is used to contibute and seed film and TV projects selected for production and offer incentives to the community.

What is ephelants360?

It's an end-to-end solution, from screenplay writing to marketing and content distribution. Our all-in-one platform will provide an eco-system for result-driven film & TV content creation, investing, production & distribution with the benefits of blockchain and machine learning.

What makes ephelants360 innovative?

ephelants360 brings the antiquated and paperwork heavy methodology of filmaking on line, streamlining the entire process on a user friendly cloud and blockchain based platform. Artificial intelligence helps the entire process progress faster.

Why does this need to be on the blockchain?

Both content creators and investors have little visibility into the accuracy of the accounting methods. Transparency in the film & TV production industry is a real issue. The high fee structures of middle men leaves content creators often with very little even when the results based on their work are profitable. Investors don't see the correct ROI flow back to them. Blockchain gives the film & TV production industry a chance of fairness.

How do I benefit from the ICO Token?

For creators, ephelants360 solves the problem of vetting and packaging scripts and turning them in to viable projects. For industry professionals (cast & crew), ephelants360 makes it easier to find jobs that match their skill set and salary requirements as well as ensuring they get paid properly and on time. For investors, ephelants360 makes the decision making process easier by vetting and organizing projects for review that match an investors' desired criteria.

How does ephelants360 differ from other content related platforms?

Unlike other content creation platforms, ephelants360 is a cohesive end-to-end solution that allows film and TV projects to be produced from concept through to distribution. All other platforms, on-chain and off-chain, attempt to solve only a single problem, which will not suffice if the industry needs an overhaul.

What are ephelants360's key features?

Algorithmic Script Analysis (Qualitative), Algorithmic Project Profitability Analysis, Integrated Professional Social Media Platform, Job Board, Film & TV Project Investing, Investment Recommender, Content Marketing & Distribution, Price Stable Project Tokens

Do you plan to release a mobile application?

Yes, all features on the platform need to be fully accessible and manageable on mobile devices.

What blockchain will ephelants360 be built on?

Our solution is a hybrid with off and on chain aspects and will be developed primarily with the Stratis Platform. https://stratisplatform.com/

Do you have a working product?

We have fully operational algorithms that are currently being used by film studios in Hollywood, we do not have the full platform for our solution.

Who is behind ephelants360?

A team of passionate, hard working individuals from a variety of supportive industry backgrounds. You can see our team on the website and white paper.