Frequently Asked Questions

Below there is an additional FAQ section related to ephelants360 and the token sale, these will complement the FAQs on the main web page.

What is the soft cap and the hard cap for the XEP token sale?

Our softcap is $3.6MM, this is the amount we deem necessary for a live production version of the ephelants360 platform. The hardcap is $44.7MM, this amount allows us to operate long-term without the need for additional funding and guarantees us adequate marketing capital and the ability to seed film & TV production projects.

What is the token wallet address I should send my funds to? 1

If you are using Changelly to exchange Altcoins into STRAT you will need to copy and paste the STRAT wallet address from the dashboard into the receiving address in Changelly. If you are contributing with a Visa or MasterCard via Changelly, the process is automated and you will need to follow the instructions.

How will I know if my purchase was successful?

That will depend on how you contribute, you can contribute with Stratis, Bitcoin or any other Altcoin via Changelly, which will convert your contribution to Stratis tokens. Changelly also allows you to make contributions in fiat currency with your Visa or MasterCard.

What is the token wallet address I should send my funds to? 2

In the member account, you will have a unique wallet addresses for STRAT and BTC clearly displayed on the token sale dashboard. You can copy and paste these into the wallet you are using to send STRAT or BTC to your token sale wallet.

How long will the token sale last?

The premium sale (50% discount) is 4 weeks. The pre-sale (30% discount) will last 23 weeks. The main sale (25 to 0% discount) will last 15.5 weeks. This will give everyone enough time to participate.

Why did you choose Stratis Platform for your token sale?

Scalability, Speed, Private Blockchains, Fiat Gateway Integrations, Public & Private Transactions, C# (Native C) Programming Language, runs on a port of Bitcoin Core written in C# and .NET

How will XEP tokens be distributed?

You can find all the details on the XEP token distribution on our token sale website and in the white paper.

Do you have a KYC? What is it?

Yes, our KYC will require basic personal information to verify who you are, this information will not be stored on our servers.

Can I use Bitcoin to participate in the token sale? 1

Yes, BTC, as well as STRAT, fiat currencies and 50 other Altcoins via Changelly. You can find all the details in the token sale dashboard once you register.

Can I use Bitcoin to participate in the token sale? 2

Stratis limits the direct transfer of BTC to BTC wallet at 400BTC. After that threshold is met you can still contribute with BTC via the connected Changelly exchange.

How will I receive my tokens after I send my contribution?

The tokens that are shown in the token sale dashboard wallet will be available for withdrawal immediately on the day the token sale ends.

Will the soft cap be sufficient to reach your goals?

The soft cap will enable us to to build out the platform and go live, but we will have no marketing budget or be able to fully carry out our vision.

Are you using a reputable 3rd party for KYC verification?

Yes, one of the top ID tech companies is performing KYC.

How safe is it to upload my ID on your website?

We do not store ID documents on our servers.

What is the value of 1 XEP token?

During the token sale 1 XEP = $0.01 (USD value without any discounts).

How many tokens are being issued?

10 Billion XEP tokens will be issued of which 6 Billion are offered during the XEP token sale.

How will ephelants360 manage creator rights? 1

Before a screenplay can be submitted for analysis by the algorithm, a proof of ownership needs to be documented and any registrations of the rightful owners as well as current agreements related to the screenplay.

Where is the team based?

Our core teams will be based in New York and Los Angeles. In the blockchain space even teams are decentralized, including ours, we have team members and advisors all over the world helping to build communities and create awareness.

How will ephelants360 manage creator rights? 2

Once a project is accepted distributed ledger technology and smart contracts allows us to openly and clearly display ownership stakes and ensure fair remuneration.

In which countries will ephelants360 offer the platform?

ephelants360 will be available to everyone, however might be limited due to language focus. We intend to offer the platform in English, Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, South Korean and Japanese.

Who are your competitors?

On the blockchain there are currently a few companies that offer solutions to part of the problem, however not one offers a full suite of dApps with an eco-system.

Where is your project incorporated?

The operating entity is incorporated in Delaware, USA. The token sale entities are based in ICO/ITO friendly legal jurisdictions outside of the USA.